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Welcome to the vibrant world of e-cigarettes, where vaping presents numerous choices. From slick and stylish devices to cloud-producing gadgets, the vape market is huge and can adjust to everyone. In this article, we’ll explore the diverse universe of vape devices. This guide is useful for both beginners and experienced vapers alike. You may like the modern vibes of vape pens, the convenience of pod systems, or the adjustable box mods. Vape devices have a diverse range of flavors for everyone, from fruits and desserts to mint and tobacco. Join us as we look through the specific features and purposes of different vape types, highlighting their pros and cons. We will answer various questions, get ready!

Vape Delivery Systems: DTL vs. MTL


First, let’s learn about the latest vape delivery systems. DTL (Direct-to-Lung) refers to a style of vaping where the vapor is inhaled directly into the lungs, similar to a loose or hookah-style draw. This way of inhaling means the vapor doesn't linger in the mouth but goes faster into the lungs. With this approach, vape users are able to inhale a substantial amount of vapor, eliminating the need for strong e-liquids in vaping. DTL draw is commonly used in advanced pod systems equipped with fully replaceable components and serviceable bases.


  • Can create a significant amount of thicker vapor in the air compared to MTL;
  • Excellent for using smooth e-juice in vapes with lower nicotine content;
  • Enhances the expression of complex e-liquid flavors.


  • Leads to noticeable heating of vape devices in the process;
  • Results in high consumption of e-liquid ingredients and battery resources;
  • Accelerates the wear and tear of heating elements in vape (although this is influenced by various factors).


MTL, or Mouth-To-Lung vaping, is when a person initially gathers vapor in the mouth and then inhales it into the lungs. Typically, MTL draws are achieved using compact vape devices with a modest power output ranging up to 20-25 Watts.

The unique feature of a tight draw is its suitability for using liquids with salt nicotine. Unlike most vape Pod systems, which lack the characteristic "throat hit" of cigarettes, MTL tanks are crafted specifically for this sensation in vaping. Additionally, the devices designed for a cigarette-style draw don't require large setups or extensive battery capacity – the average battery capacity of Pod systems sits around 800-1000 mAh, generally ample for 1-2 days of active use.


  • Evokes the familiar smoking ritual, beneficial for those transitioning from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes.
  • Even budget-friendly devices can deliver a satisfying draw in vaping.
  • Can reduce liquid consumption a bit and conserve battery life, so you can continue to vape a little longer.
  • Simplifies the enjoyment of straightforward liquid flavors.
  • Slows down the wear of devices’ heating elements and cotton, contingent on other factors.
  • Produces less conspicuous vapor.


On the whole, the drawbacks are limited. While not everyone may appreciate the modest vapor production, the market now offers a wide variety of vape devices tailored for MTL draws, reflecting an ongoing trend.

Preferences may vary, but if you're a smoker looking to start vaping, for a smooth transition we recommend MTL devices. You’ll likely enjoy this style, it closely replicates the physical sensation of smoking a cigarette, requiring you to draw before inhaling (with a tighter draw than DTL vaping). This results in a stronger and more concentrated release of nicotine. The diverse range of tobacco flavors makes MTL vape an ideal choice for beginners and helps as a nicotine replacement therapy to kick the smoking habit. 


Disposable vapes are very affordable, bringing you a no-fuss, no-maintenance, and no-recharging vaping experience. This kind of vape is similar to the formerly popular slim cig-a-like, offering options for every budget.

What are the reasons for their popularity? Think of this: compact, lightweight, and maybe even disguised as your favorite classic ciggy. They can even fit into your pocket! These vape devices come pre-loaded with a burst of e-liquid juice, offering you a ticket to a selection of flavors like watermelon or menthol. And if you want to improve your vaping experience with high-quality devices, check out our Brusko Yum disposable vape. Enjoy plenty of flavors to every preference, from refreshing Minty Mingle to Mango Madness to match your taste. There are two variations of the products available, 6000 PUFFS & 8800 PUFFS, so you can surely purchase what you need. The shape and design of our vapes are crafted for a comfortable and ergonomic feel.  And when the juice is over, you simply throw away the device, no need for chargers.

Now, let's talk about lifespan. How long can you use these electronic devices? Once it's gone, the party's over, and you can responsibly toss your disposable device into the vape retirement bin. Plus, their level of nicotine can be different, catering to all tastes, even those who want to quickly switch cigarettes for vapes. Besides, they can be even free of nicotine.

But here's the catch – while disposables are your vaping knights in shining armor, they might not be the greenest choice of all vapes because you have to dispose of them. Reusable devices take the crown for eco-friendliness. Nevertheless, these vapes still reign supreme for their simplicity and on-the-go charm in the ever-evolving world of vapes.


  1. Is it healthier to use disposables instead of cigarettes?

According to certain research, disposable vape devices are considered a better choice for health than traditional addictive cigarettes. One of their main benefits is they can be a safe and convenient alternative for smokers who want to quit without risks. Thanks to technology, even novices can easily navigate the mesh of options and find blends that match their preferred taste.

  1. How long do basic disposables last?

Disposable vape comes with different battery capacities, with the majority featuring 500mAh batteries. Depending on various factors, this can typically last anywhere from 3 to 5 days. Additionally, when you buy accessories for your vape, make sure to follow the maintenance instructions to ensure a longer lifespan. And don’t leave your devices in cold places.

Vape pens

Explore the world of modern vape pens, the elegant and small friends of the vape industry. These devices can boast sleek, cylinder-shaped appeal.

Vape pens are like the supermodels of vaping gadgets, known for their sleek and stylish design. Unlike their disposable counterparts, vape pens are really the eco-warriors that contain rechargeable batteries for sustainable, long-term usage. No harmful effects on the environment!

To use vape pens is like a stroll in the park. Whether you press a button or rely on the automatic draw system, these devices transform vaping into a delightful experience. Vape pens are not the cloud-chasers of the vape world, but vapor production is moderate. This is the perfect balance between subtle puffs and satisfying clouds.

Vape pens are the chameleons of vaping, adapting to various styles like a seasoned trendsetter. Whether you're into the classic Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) inhale or the bold Direct-to-Lung (DTL) approach, these devices have your back. Their design is a masterpiece of simplicity and customization, making them the go-to choice for both newbies and seasoned vapers.

In the vaping community, vape pens have become the headliners, stealing the show with their portability, user-friendly vibes, and a wardrobe that suits every e-liquid taste. So, if you are searching for something elegant for your vaping style, the vape pen awaits!


  1. Are vape pens a good device for beginners in vaping?

Extremely good! Vape pens and pods stand out as some of the best vapes for beginners due to their straightforward designs, user-friendly nature, and safety. With a mouth-to-lung inhale, cigalikes, vape pens, and pods make for top-notch e-cig starter kits that can replace cigarettes.

  1. How many puffs are in vape pens?

The number of puffs you can enjoy depends on the cartridge size — the handy compartment holding the precious vape juice in pens. Each 1 ml of liquid will provide around 300 standard puffs.

Pod mods

Explore the world of pod vapes – the sleek, user-friendly icons of vaping. Pod vapes, or pod mods, have carved a niche for themselves with their compact design and straightforward use.

These vape devices take center stage in the vaping scene. Pods feature a sleek design, resembling a futuristic fusion of a portable battery (mod) and a pod, which serves as both the e-liquid reservoir and mouthpiece. Inside the pod, there is a tiny but powerful coil, which turns juice into those magical vapor clouds.

Pod vapes are the embodiment of simplicity. These battery-powered devices are fully equipped with the ability to function with a single click. Some pod models even feature a draw-activated mechanism to use with ease during vaping. The great thing about the pod system is that it allows effortless insertion and replacement of pods. The vape market usually presents two categories of pod mods: pre-filled and refillable. Both pre-filled and refillable vape devices are pretty similar and easy to use, making them suitable for both the beginner and experienced vaper.

POD System

Pre-filled Pods

Pre-filled pods can be called the ready-to-use champions of vaping. These vape devices come pre-loaded with e-liquid, offering a hassle-free experience. Once the e-liquid runs out, it can be replaced with no refilling required. Disposable and delightful to use, pods are for those who prefer a straightforward vaping experience.

Refillable Pods

Refillable pods are the creative minds' choice. They give vapers the freedom to choose their e-liquid journey. These pods are all about customization – fill and refill with the juice of your choice, exploring a vast variety of flavors and nicotine strengths. For instance, some people prefer a sub-ohm setup for increased vapor production. They're eco-friendly devices, providing a cost-effective and personalized vape use experience, with no damage to the environment.


  1. Do pod mods have a tendency to leak?

Excessive, forceful pulls on a pod mod can result in an overflow of juice through the coil and cause improper vaporization and potential leakage from the mouthpiece. To prevent these effects, try taking gentler puffs to ensure the e-liquid is vaporized properly.

  1. What is the difference between Pod Mods and Vape Mods?

In a pod mod, the e-liquid is in a disposable plastic pod, unique to the vape device. The compatibility is exclusive, it’s intended to work solely with the designated pod model. On the contrary, a vape mod features threading at the top, accommodating a removable tank. While a vape mod often includes a sub-ohm tank, users can detach it and connect a different tank if desired.

Vape mods

Explore the fantastic realm of vape mods – the advanced and reliable

gadgets for those who've become cloud masters. Vape mods aren't just ordinary devices – they're the superheroes of the vaping universe. They are used by pros who want to change the experience. Some pro devices can ensure variable wattage, temperature control, and settings that make you the boss of your vape. And you can customize them. For example, some vapers prefer to carry tube devices compared to big box mods. With vape mods, you're in control, and that's a fact. Some mods also have information screens that provide valuable data on battery life, coil resistance, and wattage output. 

Vape mods come with a superpower – interchangeable batteries. Having spare batteries ensures your vape marathon never hits a pause.

Ever wanted more power in your vaping experience? Vape mods make that possible with variable wattage control. Just tweak the power, and see your clouds and flavors go from weak to impressive. Say goodbye to dry hits and flavor letdowns with mods. But remember: the ohm reading on your atomizer is crucial for adjusting the voltage on a regulated mod if you wish to avoid burn issues.

Vape mods can be difficult for beginners; they're used by enthusiasts who crave a vaping experience that's as unique as they are. If you're still a vaping rookie, maybe hold off – these devices are for the seasoned cloud commanders. It's a world where tech meets taste, and every puff is a masterpiece.


  1. What's the price range for vape mods?

Well, the price ranges from around $30 to $90, which can be quite expensive. Of course, you can spot some cheaper and fancier vape devices, but this sweet spot is where you'll find those quality mid to high-range mods that make your vaping experience top-notch.

  1. Are mods better than a disposable vape?

If you're new to vaping, disposable vapes are like an easy-to-use sidekick. But for experienced vapers, the pod device offers more options and customization, and it’s also more eco-friendly.


We've revealed the variety of vape device types available in the exciting world of vaping, where tastes and clouds dance together. Every device adds a unique tune to the vaping symphony. It can be the nostalgic twirl of cigalike, the agile steps of vape pens, the sleek glide of pod vapes, or the complicated dance of vape mods.

As we get to the end of our trip, it's important to understand that choosing a vape is a personal journey. Experienced users may enjoy the endless possibilities of pod vapes and vape mods, while newcomers may find solace in the simple beauty of vape pens. Disposables make life easier, vape pens are for eco-friendly users, pod vapes provide diversity, and mods open a world of vaping possibilities.

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