Is it allowed to vape in Dubai?




The government of Dubai, like the governments of most other nations, has imposed severe prohibitions on the use of vaping devices there. The sale and import of e-cigarettes, heaters, and components was not permitted in several nations. But the situation is changing year by year.

People who are traveling to other countries, especially those who are into vaping or e-cigarettes, often face the reasonable question of how legal it’s to smoke a vape in a particular country. Each country imposes its own laws and regulations regarding vaping. We invite you to dive deeper into the issue and find out whether it is allowed to vape in Dubai.

The UAE Policy on Vaping

Before 2019, Dubai had a law that penalized those who smoke cigarettes or e-cigarettes in public places like malls, public buildings or beaches. Compared to before, when a charge ranged from $130 to $140, a $545 fine was a more merciful alternative.

In Dubai, smoking in public spaces is subject to certain regulations. Dubai’s authorities approved smoking and selling vapes in 2019, although they continue to enforce fines for vaping in specific public areas.

The UAE government expresses health concerns related to vaping, including the health impact of nicotine salt and the issue of e-liquid chemicals. It conducts awareness campaigns to discourage people help them refuse from using cigarettes or e-cigarettes, promoting a healthier lifestyle. Regulations can change, so it's highly important to check official sources for updated information, and rules may vary across all UAE.

Can a tourist carry a vape in public?

While vaping products and e-cigarettes in public spaces are still not allowed, the city of Dubai has adopted a more lenient stance towards visitors bringing tobacco products into the country. Nonetheless, more stringent regulations continue to exist, such as the necessity for adults older than 18 to oversee the import and acquisition of those goods containing nicotine.

When you bring any disposable vape to Dubai, make sure that the device complies with local regulations and privacy policies to stay out of trouble with the law. When arriving at the airport, travelers may undergo luggage searches, so it's advisable to keep e-cigarette, e-juice, and battery components in the baggage.

Make sure to follow the airline's safety rules regarding carrying liquids in your carry-on. Typically, liquids should be in containers of 100 ml or less and placed in a clear, resealable plastic bag.

Also, when visiting Dubai or Abu Dhabi vape stores, respect the local policies. 

A Detailed Exploration of Laws

The restrictions that the Dubai Municipality has implemented regarding vaping should be known to visitors. Now let us examine the principal smoking rules in Dubai:

Prohibition of vaping in public: It is not legal in Dubai to sell or use e-cigarettes in public areas. This includes a variety of areas, such as well-known gathering places like eateries, retail centers,etc. Dubai’s international visitors are requested to note certain limitations to preserve public order.

Localized Restrictions: In addition to the overarching regulations, tourists are advised to be aware of any additional restrictions imposed at the local level. Different areas within Dubai might have specific guidelines on vaping set by local authorities. Staying informed about these nuanced restrictions ensures compliance and a seamless experience within the diverse landscape of the city.

Tourist-Friendly Vaping Spots

Vaping is allowed in specially designated smoking areas for vaping in Dubai. They are usually identifiable through signage. Individuals can enter these zones and freely use any legally permitted vaping devices. Breaching regulations against smoking and vaping in restricted zones may lead to financial penalties.

Moreover, the city proudly features a growing trend of vape cafes and lounges, establishing welcoming spaces for aficionados to gather, socialize, and enjoy their time.

For the best vaping experience in Dubai, explore convenient online delivery services that provide juice, accessories, and more. Purchase high-quality products with ease and comfort from a company that offers traditional and innovative options. 

Import and Selling of Vape Systems Regulations 

Individuals preparing for a journey to Dubai should familiarize themselves with the regulations about the importation of e-cigarettes into the country. Strict guidelines govern the entry of e-cigarettes, requiring travelers to reach out to airlines or seek guidance from Dubai Customs to gain clarity on the e-cigarette types that are allowable.

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A Short Guide

Travelers can follow some rules to ensure a smooth stay in Dubai. These include getting Dubai Municipality clearance before selling tobacco products, abiding by advertising rules, observing the ban on using them in public areas, and being aware that non-compliance may result in penalties or imprisonment.

The customs of the UAE are complicated, but tolerance for the country you are visiting, along with showing consideration for others, are all part of respecting the unique culture of Dubai. Let us discuss some pointers:

  1. Understanding of the laws: Travelers should search for updated information on vaping regulations in Dubai to ensure compliance with current laws and avoid any potential legal issues. You need to make sure you know where it's legal to vape and where it's not.
  2. Allotted Spaces: When available, use vape pods only in special smoking areas. Dubai’s government has set specific places aside in a lot of public places, including parks and outdoor spaces.
  3. Don’t Vape in Indoor Public Locations: Avoid indoor public locations such as shopping malls, restaurants, and other enclosed spaces. Dubai has laws prohibiting smoking e-cigarettes indoors.
  4. Respect Cultural Sensitivities: Dubai has a diverse population, and cultural norms may vary. Be respectful of local customs and sensitivities while using a vape.
  5. Ask for Permission: If you are unsure whether it is allowed to vape in a specific location in Dubai, ask for permission from the property owner or management.
  6. Dispose of Waste Properly: Dispose of your vape waste, such as empty cartridges and packaging, in designated bins. Littering is generally frowned upon and can result in fines.
  7. Educate yourself: Stay informed about any changes in regulations or policies related to vaping in Dubai. Regulations can evolve, and it's essential to stay up-to-date.
  8. Considerate Vaping: If you are smoking in a social setting, be considerate of non-smokers and ask if they mind before using a vape. Some people may be sensitive to the smell or presence of vapor.
  9. Follow Establishment Rules: If you are in a hotel, restaurant, or other private establishment in Dubai, adhere to their specific rules regarding vapes. Some places may have tougher policies than the general regulations.
  10. Hotel rules: Electronic cigarette users should respect the privacy and policies of hotels in Dubai, as some establishments may have specific rules.
  11. Posting: Before sharing any vaping-related content on a blog or social media in Dubai, it's advisable to review the local policies to ensure compliance with electronic cigarette regulations.

By being aware of and respectful of local laws and cultural norms, you contribute to a positive and considerate vaping experience in Dubai. Always prioritize the well-being and comfort of those around you.

Dubai's regulatory landscape presents challenges, but the city's effort to accommodate vapers through designated spaces underscores its commitment to finding a middle ground between public health considerations and individual preferences.

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